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Bounce Curl introduces to you a black microfiber towel. This towel will fight frizz and dry your hair quickly. Towel size: 16x27".


1. Get out of shower.

2. Comb hair and then apply product in extremely wet hair, scrunch hair with hands.

3. Scrunch your hair up and down motion with the towel.

4. Air dry or diffuse. You can touch up your hair just a little bit with product after this or you can leave it as is. 

We appreciate you! 

We want to thank you for choosing Bounce Curl. Thank you for trusting us with your hair process. There are so many other products to choose from & we are beyond excited that you are joining our family! We are here to help you with every step. Browse through the tips on this page and, if you still need some more guidance, email our team at so that we can help you further. 

We want to share as many tips as we can with you so that you can create a personalized process that is a smooth Wash & Go!!

Step 1. Take The Hair Quiz 

Do you know which products are good for your hair type? If you haven't done so already, please take our Bounce Curl Hair Quiz to determine which products are best for you.  It only takes a couple minutes and will give you valuable information. We know that NOT ALL CURLY HAIR IS THE SAME. Let us help you take some of the guesswork out of what to buy!  We are here to help.   

Step 2: Review Our Library of Product and Tutorial Videos 

If you would like to see HOW-TO tutorials on specific products, we have a video tutorial on each product page under the description tab. Click these links, & then click the description tab. In each product section, you will find a few different textures plus wavy, kinky & curly videos. 

Light Creme gel

Moisture Balance Leave in Conditioner 

Avocado & Rose Oil Clump & Define Cream

Defining Butta

 These videos are ones that were requested by customers and/or are very popular with our curly girl community: 

Wavy Hair How-To Videos






Curly Hair (3A & 3B) How-To Videos






Kinky Hair (4A) and Curly-Kinky Hair (3C-4A) How-To Videos


Four Different  Ways to Style Your Hair
(from short hair to long or very curly hair)

How to Reduce Frizz

How to Create Volume

How to refresh hair 

Once you are done viewing the videos on this page, check out our Bounce Curl Youtube channel to see ALL the available Bounce Curl videos!


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Ashley Haney
Powerful towel

This is my first time using a microfiber towel like this one. I really like it and love how much water it pulls off without drying my hair out.

Danielle Osborne
Wish I used this a while ago!

I've used a cotton t-shirt for years but I like this a lot more. Does a better job drying and helps clump my hair really nicely.

Chloe Kistow

I think I it works great. I like how it doesn’t frizz up my hair, and because I don’t have a satin pillow case sometimes I just put it over my pillow and sleep with it!

Easy Buy

Simple and effective - makes my drying time much faster, and helps give my curls a good cast. Just long enough to plop and tie with a scrunchie without weighing y head down!

Andrea Di Biase
Pretty good

After the shower it dries the hair just enough to start styling. Not too big. It may loose color the first wash

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