Adjusting Your Haircare Routine for the Colder Months

Winter is coming! As the temperature drops, it's important to adjust your haircare routine to make sure your hair is healthy and hydrated to keep your locks looking their best.

Welcome to our blog where we talk about hair care routine for the colder months! A lot of people struggle with keeping their hair healthy during the winter, so we wanted to share some of our best care practices to help ensure that you're taking the right steps to keep your hair looking beautiful throughout the season!

Impact of Cold Weather on Curly Hair

Curly hairs are highly vulnerable to harsh, dry and low-temperature weather conditions. They are fine and fragile with weak curvature sites along the hair shaft.

Low temperatures can dehydrate the hair, making it brittle and prone to breakage. Curls become frizzy, loose their moisture content, shape, body, and begin to look messy.

Updating your curly hair care routine is crucial to maintaining the quality of your curls in cold weather.

Bounce Curl offers hair products, specifically designed for curly, wavy and coily hair that can help to combat the effects of winter weather.

Tips to Maintain Hair

Maintain Moisture Level

Maintaining moisture in your hair is key to having healthy looking locks, and can be difficult to do so when the winter air outside is zapping your strands of their hydration. The low humidity can draw water molecules from the hair shaft leaving hair dry, brittle, and rough.

To help remedy the problem, moisturizing and hydrating products are a must-have for curly hair. 

For hair and scalp cleansing, our Pure Silk Moisturizing Shampoo is perfect to restore moisture. The sulfate-free formulation is a lightweight blend of moisturizing surfactants that do not strip off essential moisture and lipids from hair and scalp surface.

This product works to prepare and tackle hair tangles prior to conditioning, thanks to the natural plant-sourced emollients. These light oils work to preserve your curl quality and fiber sheen.

We usually hear about the importance of clarifying your hair during the summer months, but it is still important to do this in the winter as well. Our sulfate-free Clarifying Shampoo can help to thoroughly cleanse your locks.

You should clarify your hair at least once a month to remove product build up and debris, which can cause your hair to look dull or weigh it down.

Keep Curls Conditioned

Dry hair requires lubrication, slip, and surface emollience. Therefore, it is important to keep curly hair lubricated and conditioned to avoid these issues.

Cationic conditioning agents help improve the surface properties of the hair shaft by forming an electrostatic chemical bond.

The long hydrophobic fatty chain of these cationic ingredients provides the much-needed slip and detangling effect.

A great conditioner recipe should contain cationic conditioner, moisturizing agent or humectant, and lubricating emollient.

These ingredients work synergistically to add more water molecules to your hair, which will prevent any future water loss and preserve your current moisture levels.

Three Categories of Conditioning Products

Rinse-out conditioner

This type of product should be used after shampooing your hair to help it retain moisture. Our Super Smooth Cream Conditioner – is a protein-free formula, and is a rich moisturizing creamy product for instant curl detangling.

Leave-in conditioner

This product can be used as a de-tangler and moisturizer for the hair. They should contain humectants, which will help to draw moisture out of the atmosphere and into your locks. Moisture Balance Leave-In Conditioner can help preserve curl moisture levels throughout the day, and may protect the hair shaft against photo-induced protein damage. It is also a primer and styling cream infused with oils to help provide deep nourishment.

Deep conditioner

A deep conditioner can help repair and restore damaged hair, while also preventing future damage. It also helps to rehydrate and maintain hair moisture content.

Our Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner is an amazing deep conditioning formulation. It contains traditional herbal ingredients to improve scalp health. This formulation will help impart loads of moisture to dry and rough hair to help restore the natural bouncy curl outlook. 

Combat Curly Hair Frizz: Static Charge Control

Individuals with curly hair commonly worry about frizz, as dry and fragile curls are more likely to experience this issue during the winter season.

Static charge density is one of the key factors making curly hair frizzy. Static charge is the net electronic charge residing on hair protein molecules.

When static electricity builds up in your hair, it disrupts the curl pattern, natural bounce, and overall volume. The tips of your hair start pointing in different directions randomly, making it difficult to style your hair the way you want.

To combat static charge, cationic leave-in conditioner or crème gel is strongly recommended.

Bounce Curl Moisture Balance Leave-in Conditioner is an ideal remedy to minimize static charge density. Furthermore, our Light Hold Crème Gel helps provides gentle curl retention, and facilitates curl alignment. 

Oil therapy

Oils and butter are excellent sources of lubrication. The chemical composition of natural oils or butter mainly comprises long-chain fatty acids along with sterols.

They are multifunctional ingredients working both on hair and the scalp. Their application forms a water-impermeable coating on the hair shaft which preserves the inner core of the hair shaft. This mechanism prevents water loss from hair. 

Bounce Curl Light Oil is a unique blend of natural oils. It contains only light textured oils to avoid any greasy effect or heaviness on curly hairs.

You should aim to massage this product into their scalp at least twice a week, but especially during colder months. The massaging action not only helps to improve the health of your scalp by boosting blood circulation, it also affects the health of your hair!

Bounce Curl Steps for This Winter


During cold and chilly weather, curly hair becomes dry and frizzy, which makes it difficult to manage and style.

Bounce Curl has a range of curl care products designed to give your curls the extra love they need and can help during the colder months.

These product help target boosting hair moisture levels to combat the impact of a dry surrounding environment. 

Lastly, the combination of moisturizing agents and emollients detangles curl knots; aligns cuticles and offers natural bouncy curls. 

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