How to Refresh Your Hair, According to Hair Type!

The weather can be hard on your hair, causing it to feel dry and brittle. What’s more, the constant use of styling products and everyday stresses can put a strain on your tresses too!

But don’t worry. We have some tips for refreshing ALL types of hair – from curly textures to wavier locks. All you need are the right products specifically tailored to enhance your hair’s unique properties!

In this blog post, we will help you discover all the best refresher options out there so that you can love your locks year-round!

So, let's dive right in to explore what new solutions each of us has for reviving any type of hair!


People with curly hair are all too familiar with how difficult it is to make those freshly washed curls last without having to wash them repeatedly. It almost feels like an impossible feat!

After you put in the laborious hours of washing, conditioning, and styling your beautiful curls with products to get them hydrated and healthy, it can be incredibly disheartening for it all to become dull, dry, and flat just a few days later. You deserve better!

Let's break down some key differences in curly hair so we can better understand how to refresh it.

People of different ethnicities exhibit distinct physical and chemical properties in their hair, such as diameter, curl pattern, ellipticity, moisture levels, and more.1-2

Not only is their physical appearance different, but the chemical composition of these amino acids also varies.

The chemical makeup of everyone’s hair is distinctively different, making it essential to craft a personalized grooming routine for optimal care.

Three distinct classes of curls are defined as follows:

  • Wavy Hair
  • Curly Hair
  • Coily Hair

The classifications illustrate their fundamental difference in curl pattern and level of curliness.

The variation in wavy, curly, and coily hair is due to varying ratios of cortical cells inside the hair cortex or more technically termed, “ellipticity”. Coily hair is highly elliptical while stick-straight hair is more cylindrical.

The distinct structural differences call for varying grooming techniques and hair care products. We'll analyze each category, their requirements, and the proper care for each hair type.

It is essential to understand the nuances that vary in each curl pattern so we can refresh our hair with the right products.

Let's look at some easy steps to refresh each type of hair!

How to Refresh Hair

Depending on one's lifestyle and habits, refreshing hair can be done daily or weekly. So, feel free to modify or tweak it to better suit your needs!

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair has a distinct light curl pattern, having only one or two curl curvatures along the hair length.

Natural, virgin, and non-chemically treated wavy hair is generally low in porosity. Wavy hair needs a balanced approach of imparting moisture and emollience to the hair shaft to help style with ease.

Here is a customized proposal for refreshing wavy hair:

  1. Refresh using a spray or mist bottle. You can reactivate the products that are already in your hair and refresh them with a spray or light mist. 
  2. Alternatively, you can refresh your hair by simply moistening your hands with water and gently smoothing down the strands (praying method) with your hands. 
  3. If you need to add some product (i.e. gel, mousse, etc.), you can use a styling brush to help evenly distribute the products and define your waves. 
  4. If you don’t want to use a styling brush, scrunch a tiny amount of gel or mousse into your hair, then diffuse. 
  5. Once your hair is completely dry, scrunch out the crunch with a light oil.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to refresh wavy hair.

For Cleansing and Conditioning


The suggested hair care regimen ensures that wavy locks are fully hydrated and conditioned, resulting in smooth, detangled hair with a natural body, shine, and texture.

The products proposed are crafted keeping in mind the structural features of wavy hair and therefore will not cause any heaviness or weighed-down effect. 

Curly Hair

Curly hairs demonstrate relatively smaller curvature diameters and a higher degree of curliness. More importantly, they can be more porous and in need of moisture.

Curly hair tends to have more body and volume than wavy hair. Therefore, curly hair needs specially formulated products that will not cause any heaviness and leave hair with its natural bouncy curls.

Here is a customized proposal for refreshing curly hair:

1) Depending on the thickness of your hair, section hair in large or small parts.

2) Beginning at the nape, spray or mist a generous amount of water on the section.

3) Rake, then smooth in a small amount of leave-in conditioner, curl cream, and/or gel to the section. 

4) Repeat the process over the entire head of the hair.

5) For added definition, use a styling brush to help evenly distribute the products.

6) Allow the refresh to air-dry or diffuse as desired.

7) Note - You don't have to refresh your entire hair if it's not needed. It's okay to refresh only the parts that need it. For this, you can use the shingling method by applying a leave-in conditioner (or whatever product you prefer) to the portion of hair that needs refreshing. Then, smooth it through with your fingers. 

8) Dry your hair as usual.

Here's a quick visual on how to refresh curly hair.

For Cleansing & Conditioning


This hair care routine will help keep curly hair healthy with a natural curly bounce. A clarifying shampoo is intended to get rid of any product build-up, excess sebum, and debris.

The Pure Silk Moisturizing Shampoo offers a gentle mild cleansing without removing natural hydrophobic lipids from the hair shaft. It loads water molecules onto hair fiber leaving them fully hydrated.

The Super Smooth Cream Conditioner provides the much-needed emollience to lightly lubricate the hair surface, smoothing out its cuticle layer. Through this - it addresses any cuticular damage and facilitates combing, brushing, and styling. 

Curly hair needs a deep conditioning treatment occasionally and we have a special formulation to restore the natural shine and conditioning of curly hair.

The Turmeric Hair Detox Mask is a multi-task product that imparts conditioning ingredients. It helps detoxify the scalp surface by removing dead cells, refreshes cells, and accelerates scalp cell turnover thus promoting cell regeneration. 

Coily Hair

Coily hairs are extremely dry, fragile, and vulnerable to breakage. The tight curvature is the unique structural feature responsible for the coils.

Evidence from scientific studies implies that coily hair is much drier than wavy or curly hair.3-4 To fend off dryness and brittle strands, it's crucial to shower these curls with tons of moisture, emollience, and conditioning.

Here is a customized proposal for refreshing coily hair:

1) Depending on the thickness of your hair, divide your hair into large or small sections, making sure it is detangled.

2) Spray or mist a generous amount of water on the section.

3) Start by raking and/or smoothing a small amount of leave-in conditioner or curl cream to the segment for improved definition. You can use a styling brush to help evenly distribute the products.

4) Repeat the process over the entire head of the hair.

5) Allow the refresh to air-dry or diffuse as desired.

6) Note - You don't need to start your hair care regimen from scratch every time. Instead, refresh just the places that require it! Utilizing the shingling method is ideal for achieving maximum definition - simply apply a leave-in conditioner (or whatever product you prefer) to the section of hair that needs refreshing, then smooth through with your fingers. To finish off each curl properly, make sure to tug at the ends individually as you go along.

7) Dry your air as usual.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to refresh coily hair.

For Cleansing & Conditioning


Coily hairs need loads of moisture. The Bounce Curl Clarifying Shampoo is formulated to refresh your hair and scalp and allow for a fresh start every week.

The Defining Butta is specifically formulated for coily hair containing hydrating ingredients that penetrate and help enhance the hair moisture content.

For a deep conditioning treatment, Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner is strongly recommended. It is a herbal formulation based on the Ayurvedic system. It helps improve the quality of coily hairs as well as targets scalp cells to boost a healthy scalp. 

Oil therapy is vital for the scalp and hair. Our light oil is a multi-purpose oil that helps rejuvenate scalp cells and lubricate the hair shaft. We recommend thoroughly massaging the oil into the scalp at least once a week. 



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