How to Diffuse Curly Hair

Have you ever wondered how those girls with the beautiful bouncy curls get their hair to look so good? It's all about using a diffuser!

When you first started your healthy hair journey, you probably had no idea what this little curly hair contraption was.

Diffusing methods can make all the difference on your curls!

Learning how to blow dry curly hair might be difficult—in fact, it takes some practice and finesse.

Fortunately, achieving a great desired look that includes volume, shine, and bounce without having to wait for your hair to air dry is feasible.

When blow drying curly hair, it is important to diffuse. Otherwise, the direct heat may damage your curls.

What is a Diffuser?

A regular blow dryer without the diffuser nozzle will not only disrupt your natural curl pattern, but also cause frizz.

However when you add a diffuser to it, you may preserve your natural curls while improving definition and reducing hair frizz.

It can also take an eternity for curls to dry without the use of a blow dryer. As a result, unless you want to go with a wet look or have lots of time for your hair to dry, you will want to diffuse your curls.

A blow-drying diffuser is an attachment to a hairdryer that works by spreading the airstream over a wider area in a more controlled way. 

This type of dryer also dries your hair 30% faster than it would normally, because there is no direct heat on the hair.

A diffuser can help add volume to your hair. This is especially useful for people with curls that begin near the middle or end of their hair and can weigh down the roots.

For big, curly locks, you can achieve bouncy curls and volume all over with a diffuser.‌

The diffuser is one the safest and most effective way to dry curly hair. Why?

Because it allows you to 'diffuse' your curls, which means separating them gently to increase air exposure and decrease wetness all over the head without too much manipulation or tension.

First Things First

Before diffusing, you want to apply a product that moisturizes your hair. If you're using the wrong product that doesn't moisturize your hair, it may become frizzy and dry.

We recommend using our Bouncecurl leave in conditioner as a primer before any other products. 

Next, depending on your personal preference, select a curl-enhancing product like a gel, mousse, or cream

Gently and liberally distribute the product throughout the curls using a scrunching motion. 

Understand the Temperature 

Blow dryers are available in different types, sizes, wattages and prices. It can be difficult to select the best blow dryer for your hair type. 

To protect your hair from scorching, you must understand the temperature boundaries that you must not exceed, so it's best to be cautious when utilizing a heat styling tool like a blow dryer.

Hair dryers are designed to heat hair to a temperature of between 80 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. With maximum heat, the temperature can reach 140 degrees, which is enough to toast both your hair and the skin on your scalp. So be very careful!

Steps to Diffusing

Take a moment and watch this Bounce Curl YouTube video on How to Diffuse Curly Hair 
Bounce Curl You Tube video - How to Diffuse Curly Hair

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The Steps!

Step 1: After shampooing and conditioning hair, squeeze excess water out of the hair or gently blot hair dry with a micro towel or old t-shirt.

Step 2: Set the blow dryer to warm/cool heat to minimize frizz, prevent heat damage, and breakage.

Step 3: Apply products to hair and place curls on the claw of the diffuser.

Step 4: Tilt your head to the side or flip your head forward so that your curls are hanging and bring the diffuser near to your scalp

Carefully raise the hair at the roots to add volume. Before moving to another section of your curls, remove the diffuser from your hair, lower it, and allow the curl to fall into the diffuser.

Note - move the diffuser about your head and don't stay on any area for longer than 10-20 seconds.

Step 5: Dry hair 80% of the way and air-dry the rest of the way, which will keep your hair from drying out and to diminish frizz. Do not touch your curls until 100% completely dry!

Step 6: After your roots have become dry and your hair has acquired that "Crunchy" texture from the gel or mousse, you're ready to proceed to scrunching your curls to shape and define your style.

Blow-Drying Methods Vary Depending on Your Curl Type

The thicker, coilier the texture, the more product is required to achieve the optimum moisture level.

For maximum moisture and beautiful curls, use our Defining Butta. It not only helps to maintain your hair's moisture and suppleness, but it also helps improve style definition and prevents frizz.


Choosing the proper diffuse method to diffuse your curly hair is key. With the right technique and product you can get rid of frizzy curls and maintain soft, bouncy curls. 

Now that you know how to diffuse your curly hair, it should now appear voluminous, bouncy, and defined.

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