Which Bouncecurl products are right for me

Have you used different products and techniques and have been less than satisfied with the results? Taking care of your wavy, curly, coily hair can seem overwhelming. Each person’s hair has unique characteristics (such as curl pattern, density, porosity, and width) that affect its behavior and reaction to products. Knowing the specifics of your hair will help take out the guesswork and can serve as a blueprint for figuring out which Bounce Curl products to use.

To learn about curl pattern/density/width, click here. To learn about porosity, click here.

Wavy: Caring for curly and wavy hair starts in the shower. We recommend beginning with our sulfate-free clarifying shampoo that will not strip your hair of its natural oils. It will thoroughly cleanse and lightly moisturize your hair while adding volume. Follow up with our protein-free conditioner that will lightly hydrate your hair. This conditioner will not build up nor leave your hair feeling heavy. If you are new to our products, it is best to make sure to clarify with our Turmeric Hair Detox Mask first to ensure all previous build up is removed. 

Using heavy creams for wavy textures can weigh your hair down. Our moisture balance leave-in conditioner and clump & define cream are both ultra-concentrated that will help define your waves and help alleviate frizz, yet they will not weigh your hair down. The key is to only use a small amount to get your desired definition. Using one or the other should suffice. Depending on how much hold you like, our clump & define cream provides light hold while our leave in conditioner provides no hold. A lot of people like to add our light creme gel on top of our clump & define cream for a medium hold and on top of our leave in conditioner for a light hold. 

If your hair doesn’t do well with leave-ins or creams, try our light creme gel. This gel will leave your hair feeling weightless, reduce frizz, and allow you to create volume while locking in your curl shape for a long time.

Wavy hair can have more volume than straight hair, but it can fall flat. Try our alcohol-free hairspray. Used in the right amount, it will give the proper hold without having to use a lot of product. For more ways to achieve volume, click here.

Curly: This curl type is prone to tangles, breakage, dryness, and frizz due to the natural oils your scalp produces not being able to travel down the strands because of its natural twists and bends. 

Depending on the amount of moisture your curls need, our clarifying shampoo, medium moisture shampoo, or cleansing conditioner will all work to cleanse your hair. Follow up with our conditioner for hydration. If you are new to our products, it is best to make sure to clarify with our Turmeric Hair Detox Mask first to ensure all previous build up is removed. Then, depending on the density of your curls, you can use either the leave-in conditioner and layer with the curl clump & define cream (or not), then finish with the gel

Coily: This curl type is also called “kinky” or tightly coiled hair. The wiry strands may have a zigzag pattern or show no pattern at all. The tight curls and kinky texture of this hair type make it almost impossible for the sebum (natural scalp oil) to travel and coat the whole strand, making it the most fragile of all hair curl types because it experiences extreme dryness and requires constant protection and hydration. Hydration is key. Start with our hydrating shampoo, medium moisture shampoo, or protein-free cleansing conditioner. Follow up with our conditioner, as needed. If you are new to our products, it is best to make sure to clarify with our Turmeric Hair Detox Mask first to ensure all previous build up is removed. 

We often mistake dry hair for damaged hair, and the knee jerk reaction to the “suspected” damage is to use a protein treatment or protein product when the hair wasn’t actually damaged, it was just dry. To learn the difference between dry and damaged hair, click here.

When it comes to moisturizing the hair, it is important to not only add moisture, but you should also find ways to keep the moisture in. The best moisturizers are water-based with a great mix of various ingredients such as emollients, lipids, and oils, which can be found in our leave-in conditioner and clump & define cream

Using the right gel should make your curls last a few days to a week. With some gels, you need to be careful with the amount of product you add to your hair, as it will leave the hair feeling crunchy. Our gel contains a small amount of protein and if your hair doesn’t react well, then try using either our protein-free leave-in conditioner or clump & define cream to mitigate the effect your hair may have while using our gel.

If your hair needs the highest level of moisture, then our Defining Butta is the perfect product for you. It infuses oils within the hair shaft while reducing frizz and sealing in moisture. It will also improve the elasticity of hair and shine. This 2 in 1 moisturizing Defining Butta can be used for wash & go’s or twist outs specifically for type 4a-4c hair or thick hair. 

What is the health and porosity of your hair? Porosity ranges from low to high, depending on the health of the cuticle. Daily moisturizing can be vital for those who are just starting out with their healthy hair regimens. Keep in mind; if you find that you have to apply a moisturizer to your hair several times in one day, you may be dealing with a porosity issue. 

Low porosity hair has tightly bound cuticle layers that lay flat and can be hard for products to penetrate. Products tend to sit on your hair and can cause build-up. Low porosity hair will do great with our clarifying shampoo since build-up is common. Our conditioner is the perfect complement to our shampoo, hydrating while softening your hair to make it more manageable. With low porosity hair, remember, cuticles are compact, so you want to avoid applying too much product. You can follow up with either the leave-in conditioner or clump & define cream for styling. Keep in mind; you may want to stay away from protein-heavy treatments/products since protein (unless you know your hair is lacking protein) tends to sit on top of low porosity strands, and can cause them to feel more brittle. 

High porosity hair can be genetic. Many times, though, it’s caused by styling treatments like straightening, mechanical stress, UV damage, bleaching, and other chemical processes. These types of treatments can damage your cuticles, causing them to lift or break off, which creates gaps or holes along the hair shaft — as a result, causing your hair to be more porous than it would normally be.

To help nourish, moisturize, and repair porous hair, our medium moisture shampoo, will help repair and hydrate your hair, while the plant extracts will help restore it. It will also infuse oils into the hair shaft to help reduce frizz and smooth down the cuticles. Follow up with our conditioner for hydration. Then use either our leave in conditioner, which is designed to deeply nourish and strengthen the hair strands and/or use the clump & define cream, which will also repair dry or damaged hair. Finally, add our gel to help define and hold curls.

Is your hair color-treated? 

All of our products are color-safe. If you have color-treated hair, the chemical processing can change the porosity of your hair and deplete the hair’s internal moisture and affect the condition of the cuticle. Our medium moisture shampoo is formulated with plant extracts that will help restore your hair and give it the extra moisture it needs.  Follow up with our conditioner for added moisture. Our leave-in conditioner can be applied as a primer underneath any hair product to achieve extreme moisture balance and daily protection. Our clump & define cream will help replenish and support the cuticle layer to prevent moisture loss. 

Whether you have curly, coily, or wavy hair, we all have one thing in common -- no matter your hair type, you’re probably putting it through the wringer. Harsh weather, excessive blow drying, over exposure to the sun you name it—damage, split ends, and breakage seem to be around every corner. But that’s where a deep conditioner comes in. Our Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner will give dry and damaged hair an extra boost of hydration, restoring moisture without weighing the hair down. Our deep conditioner is formulated to improve the hair fiber quality, mechanical strength and improve curl definition. It is enriched with traditional Indian herbs and oils along with natural emollients and hydrating extracts. And, it’s protein-free! It is a multi-tasking product that acts as an instant conditioner and deep conditioner. Let this product work its deep conditioning magic, and voila — healthy and hydrated hair.

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