Bounce Curl Gift Guide

With the holiday season coming up soon, now is the ideal time to think about buying presents.

If you know someone who deserves a great present, why not give them a self-care gift that leaves their skin and hair feeling and smelling great?

This guide will explain the wonders of our Self-Care Kit products and other helpful items worth buying!

 Our kits range from $47.00 to $94.98 before discounts and charges such as shipping fees.

Bounce Curl's Self-Care Kit

Meet our latest innovations in skincare and body care, all bundled in one place. We understand the importance of one's self-care regime, so we curated the perfect self-care kit.

In Bounce Curl's Self-Care Kit, you'll find:

You can give this specially tailored kit as a present for $94.98 on our website.

Now let's dive into each product.

Vegan Collagen Boosting Hair and Skin Gummies

Our gummies come at a retail price of $28.99 when purchased on their own through our website.

We are proud of our hair and skin-boosting gummies as they are vegan, gluten-free, and ethically sourced.

Most gummies found on the market contain collagen that comes from animals. However, ours are plant-derived, making it the perfect gift for those who are vegan or vegetarian. On top of that, they are dairy and gluten-free!

With juicy strawberry flavor, we have designed our gummies to be easy to swallow without leaving you nauseous.

Every gummy is packed with vitamins and minerals, including:

Other ingredients are completely natural, such as bamboo leaf extract and grape seed extract.

This helps encourage healthy skin, as well as stronger and longer hair growth. Vegan Collagen Boosting Hair & Skin gummies from Bounce Curl can help support your overall lifestyle and give you the extra boost you need.

Body Cream (Fragrance-Free)

Our standalone Body Cream comes at $25.99 before taxes and shipping.

Bounce Curl's Body Cream is a two-in-one cream and oil product that is fragrance-free, hydrating, and easily absorbed into the skin.

Made of our formulated Bio-Soothe Complex, you can expect a luxurious feel from blends of 16 different oils and extracts.

Here are just a few examples of the ingredients that are in our Body Cream:

Light Oil

Our Light Oil is sold for $40.00 before shipping and tax when you purchase through our online site.

Bounce Curl's Light Oil is specially formulated to be multi-purpose so that you can apply it to your nails, skin, and hair without worry!

It contains a Bio Plant-based Complex, which is derived from 10 plant-based oils that help boost your skin barrier and hair health.

Not only is it nourishing for your skin, nails, and hair, but also fragrance-free, so you can apply perfume, cologne, hairspray, or other fragrances without it clashing with the Light Oil.

Our Light Oil is infused with flower essence and other organic oils.

Here is a list of some of the amazing ingredients:

Brushes and Combs

Aside from our Self-Care Kit, why not check out our Complete Brush Kit?

After applying our lush haircare products from our Self-Care Kit, it's time to smooth out any tangles or knots and do your hair. With our Complete Brush Kit, styling your hair has never been easier.

Our Complete Brush Kit contains a set of four amazing brushes and combs that are bio-degradable and perfect after a simple wash-and-go or intricate hairstyling.

It is priced at $55.00 on our website, before additional charges such as shipping.

1) Volume comb

This comb is fantastic for fluffing your roots and hair to enhance volume. Using the volume comb will help to break up any clumps in your hair, leaving behind individual strands for more volume when styling.

2) Detangling brush

This brush is uniquely designed to assist you with getting rid of stubborn knots and tangled strands of hair without damaging them.

You can gently separate tangles without worry over potential tears, stress, or tension in your scalp and hair.

It is best used in the shower when mixing conditioner into your hair.

3) Vegan smoothing brush

Our Smoothing Brush is the perfect accessory for creating sleek and smooth styles.

With its soft and gentle vegan boar bristles, it helps to condition and boost shine by distributing natural oils in hair.

They also smooth the hair's cuticle for enhanced shine while taming flyaways.

Whether you're looking to create a sleek ponytail or an elegant updo, our Smoothing Brush will help you achieve the look you desire.

4) Styling comb

Last, but not least, this comb is specially made for styling hair as we designed it with each end having its own purpose.

One end functions as a comb, while the other functions as a sectioning tool.

It can be used to part hair, so you can style it much easier.

Discount Combo Kits

Still not enough? Wondering whether there are other kits available?

We have you covered. We have nine discounted combo kits ready for your choosing.

One is our Self-Care Kit, as elaborated on at the beginning of this article.

We also have:


Main Takeaway

The holiday season is perfect for gift-giving to remind your loved ones how much you appreciate them.

Bounce Curl is now selling our customer-favorite kits at discounted prices as part of the festive spirit.

Our Self-Care Kit includes our all-natural Vegan Collagen Boosting Hair & Skin Gummies, Body Cream, and Light Oil so that your loved ones feel refreshed and ready to celebrate the holidays.

We understand you may be looking for other self-care gifts or prefer something within your budget. With that in mind, we've curated eight other kits for you to choose from.

You can pick a gift specifically for haircare, skincare, or both.

With many great options that nurture your loved one's skin and hair health without breaking the bank, what else are you waiting for? Come shop at Bounce Curl now!

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