Why choose us?

There are hundreds, even thousands of other brands to choose from when making your purchase of curly hair products. Some product lines are more expensive and some are less expensive than Bounce Curl.

Why would you choose Bounce Curl?? 

What really makes Bounce Curl different?

THINK DIRTY APP (www.ThinkDirty.com)

We are proud members of the THINK DIRTY app. This is an app that allows users to learn about potential hazards of product ingredients, indicating those with known carcinogens (cancer causing agents), hormone disruptors & allergens. It will rate products 1-10. A rating of 0-3 indicates a product is very green & clean and ALL Bounce Curl products earn a 0-3 rating.


Testing sustainable packaging

We are in the process of testing sustainable packaging such as bio-degradable sugar cane tubes & bottles. Plastic has had a very bad reputation this year & we are actively trying to source eco-packaging. Some eco-biodegradable packaging has worked & some has not worked. This is a fairly new area so the big manufacturers have very few options for us & charge a lot of money for the options they do have. We have had to test our products in these types of packaging for over a year to ensure the sugar cane is strong enough for our oils in our products. (oil can seep through packaging if you don’t choose the right ones). We plan to implement this during 2021 if possible. For any products that cannot use sugar cane packaging, we will resort to PCR plastic which means we will use plastic that has already been recycled. We care about our Earth! We are always trying to update our products for the betterment of the Bounce Curl family and for everyone!

Founder is our formulator

Our Founder should play a huge role in your decision to choose Bounce Curl products. She is the formulator behind every product in our brand. She is EXTRA picky and EXTRA cautious with the ingredients she chooses to use in Bounce Curl products. We practice safe beauty.

The demand for hair formulas with a higher percentage of naturally derived ingredients continues to increase. Our Founder came into the beauty industry in 2010 while in her early 20s. She immediately recognized the need for formulating products with safer ingredients. She felt everyone was still behind the times by using parabens & harsh sulfates. So, she decided to help blaze the trail towards creating curly hair products using uncompromising ingredients.  

What does natural really mean in beauty?

Can a product really be 100% natural? There is a lot of misconception when it comes to organic products or 100% natural hair care. We want to be as transparent as possible & make sure to educate our consumers about the real differences. So, can a product really be 100% natural? Our answer to that question is: it all depends on the formula. If there is water in a product, then the product most likely contains a preservative to prevent the growth of harsh bacteria in that water, which means that product is not 100% natural anymore. An example of a product that is 100% natural can be a hair oil that has nothing but oils & no other synthetic ingredients in the deck.

At Bounce Curl, our products contain a fair amount of naturally derived ingredients & some synthetic ingredients as well. Why do we choose that? We want our products to be functional, so we select ingredients that will actually style & hold the hair. Sometimes, using 100% naturally derived styling ingredients just doesn’t do the job. That is where our scientific ingredients come into play. We love science & we love nature. When these two mix in the right combination, you are left with shiny, beautiful, and defined curls. 

We stay innovative & up-to-date with new ingredients.

Every year or two, scientists develop new solutions to creating better innovative preservatives/ ingredients & Bounce Curl will always explore these options. For example, 10-20 years ago, people were using formaldehyde-releasing preservatives in their cosmetics because that was the only option they had to preserve their hair products. Our Founder is a part of the Chemist Society & is up-to-date with the development of new, innovative ingredients. Bounce Curl promises to stay up-to-date with the latest & best ingredients that follow green chemistry principles if they perform well in our formulas. We WILL reformulate our products when necessary to make sure that our customers receive the best of the best! This process of reformulation is quite difficult which is why most companies do not do this. It can cost over hundreds of thousands of dollars just to retest all of the products for microbiology & bacteria testing. Bounce Curl has already reformulated several products & switched to better preservatives in 2020. Another example of an ingredient change we made is in the Light Hold Gel, where we replaced Disodium EDTA. We saw that a better chelating agent came out that is derived from plants & we changed it to Sodium Phytate. We also changed our synthetic fragrance to a 100% natural fragrance. Nothing but the best for Bounce Curl customers!

What we don’t like to use in our products

Remember that anything you use on your skin can be absorbed into the body. Just like with food, you should be looking at the ingredients in your hair products and take the time to UNDERSTAND what you are putting into, and on your body. At Bounce Curl, we choose to formulate WITHOUT Silicones, Parabens, Sulfates, PEG's, DEA/MEA, Propylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol, & Phthalates.  We practice this form of safe beauty because our Founder’s grandfather died of cancer when she was just 19. She wants to make sure that she is formulating products that are safe. In addition, we do NO animal testing. We are Cruelty-Free. Click here to view us on the Peta website Cruelty Free list.

Our fragrance policy

At Bounce Curl, we have products that contain 100% naturally derived scents from essential oils. Some of our other products also contain a synthetic fragrance created by our Founder that is blended with uncompromised ingredients. The ingredients in the fragrance rate as “low & green” on the Think Dirty app. The FDA allows companies to keep their fragrance ingredients private. There has been evidence that some fragrances from other brands are super toxic & can have over 50 ingredients in them, but not Bounce Curl fragrances! They all have less than 6 ingredients in them & half of them are naturally derived from flowers or extracts of herbs. We have legally disclosed our fragrance ingredients with the THINK DIRTY app & you can see how clean they rate HERE. Just type in Bounce Curl in the search bar after you install the app. 

Where do we source our ingredients from?

We buy our ingredients from top-of-the-line manufacturers. We like to use manufacturers who have great reputations in the industry & ones who spend a great amount of money on testing the quality of their ingredients. We have a microbiology team inside of our own labratory which handles the quality checks for our ingredients. As soon as one of these ingredients enters our lab, a thorough microbiological exam is performed. Our microbiology team tests every single ingredient that comes from any outside vendors. They test them for bacteria, yeast, mold, and PH levels to ensure they are safe for use. No ingredient is used until our Quality Control team approves it.

We also make sure to comply with all the good manufacturing practices set by the FDA.

We realize that there are not a lot of natural ingredients to formulate with & we want to make a change.

As we mentioned earlier, our Founder is a part of the Cosmetic Chemist Society and when she begins to research possible formulas to make a new product, she searches the popular database of ingredients. In this system, there are 21,650 NON-natural ingredients to choose from. When she searches for naturally derived ingredients, there are only 795! That is such a low number compared to the number of NON-naturals. We recognize that there is a problem in this industry, and that we can make a difference. We make sure to voice our opinions to the larger manufacturers and we always advocate for more clean ingredients to be made available. Luckily, that is starting to happen!

Meet our Founder & Learn more about how we started here..