One of the founding principles of Bounce Curl is: Beauty is Shared. The company LIVES that belief by investing in and mentoring other women to help them start their own businesses.  Bounce Curl focuses this effort on women who have experienced challenging life situations or women in need.

 Bounce Curl is building a non-profit that will provide help & support to people in need. We are also in the development phase for an annual scholarship competition that will provide financial support for those pursuing goals using a range of educational avenues.

Rawkyn (treatments that revitalize hair) 

Sharon- a single mom who was in school full-time when she connected with the Founder of Bounce Curl. Sharon was juggling work, school & parenting. Her dream was to be able to spend more time with her child. After brainstorming some ideas with Founder, she now runs a very successful business that specializes in deep hair treatments called Rawkyn. (






Amour360 (skin products using only natural ingredients)

Anna – Originally a Bounce Curl customer who sent Founder her natural face oils years ago, Anna suffers from autoimmune disease and products with natural ingredients are the only ones she can use. So that is what she wanted to create. Non-toxic products. When Bounce Curl experienced a huge growth spurt, Anna stepped in and helped by commenting on customer posts and responding to customers in Spanish when necessary. She truly helped spread the word about Bounce Curl! Our founder has helped Anna create Amour360. Learn more at!



Jenny – A victim of domestic violence. Jenny worked with Founder to develop a company focused on the skin concerns of women with ages ranging 14-78 years. All of the profit from Skintasy is being reinvested back into research and development. Current topics of study include mature skin, acne-prone skin, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. Learn more at