Light Crème Gel

Our famous light crème gel’s main function is that it is a gel that will lightly hold curls in place.

Majority of our customers LOVE our Light Creme Gel but some may experience a little bit of styling issues.

First thing we like to recommend is to apple cider vinegar rinse your hair. Most of our ingredients are plant based & it can take a few washes before experiencing all of the benefits. When using any NEW products, we recommend that you do an apple cider vinegar rinse so that you can effectively remove all build up from your old products. Simply mix 1-part apple cider vinegar with 3 parts water. Shampoo hair & rinse with water. Apply this ACV mixture on scalp & hair & leave on for 13 minutes. Rinse & follow with conditioner. Proceed to styling. We do have a special product coming soon that will help you reset & start fresh & it will be out in a few months.

Some customers have told us that…

  • The gel made my hair dry

The light crème gel is not designed to make hair feel dry. Our gel does not mix with some other brands. If for any instance it does feel that way, we recommend a few things. 

  1. We always like to ask the customer if they used other products from another brand?  

Our Light Crème gel does not mix with all brands. Our range of products work best with our gel. If you are using other hair brands, the best way to tell if it is mixing, is if you apply the hair gel & the application goes on smoothly, then you are in the clear. If you feel a squeaky non-smooth application, then they dont mix right. Your hair will be fine, we just recommend not to use that combo anymore. 

  1. Did you leave hair conditioner in your hair or did you rinse it all out?

We always recommend that you rinse out all of your conditioner before applying the hair gel or use one of our creams as a primer. The gel has a (-) charge & most hair conditioners have a (+) charge so they tend to be opposites. 

  1. If you have done everything from above,

 Then we think that your hair requires more moisture. We understand that it is hard to tell what your hair texture is like, but we have the solution for that. We have Moisture Balance Leave in Conditioner that will create soft shiny curls with no hold. You can then apply the gel on top of the leave-in if you want more hold. We also have our Avocado & Rose Oil Clump & Define cream that will create soft defined curls with VOLUME. You can add gel on top of that for more definition as well.

As our Bounce Curl line grows, we will continue to add more styling products to the line & the best way to determine which products are best for you, we recommend that you take our hair quiz (Link)


  • The gel made my hair frizzy

The light crème gel is supposed to do the opposite of that. If for any instance it does do that, we recommend a few things.

  1. The way you style your hair is VERY important.

There are so many different styling methods that you can find on our page. You can click here  to find different styling methods & routines. You can also find us on you-tube or practice a few different routines.  Click here for youtube. PRACTICE a few times, & we are sure that you will get the hang of it soon. Every curl is different & it does take some time & dedication to learn your best routine.

  1. Another reason hair may be frizzy is the weather.

 If you are in humid weather, that can cause frizz at times. We recommend to use more product on humid days, & also use holding products such as gels, & Alcohol Free Hair Spray

  1. Another reason why hair may be frizzy is that it probably has build up.

Different hair products can build up over time including products such as your daily conditioner. This is completely normal. All you have to do is mix 1 cup of organic apple cider vinegar with 3 cups of water & apply this to your hair after you shampoo it. Leave it in for 10-15 minutes, rinse it out & condition your hair. Your hair will be build up free.

If you have tried all of these, & it still isn’t working for you, please email us with your picture & the issues that you are running into. You are a part of our Bounce Curl Family now & we want to ensure that you have the best experience with us. Sometimes, certain products are just not a good fit for other hair textures. I experience this with my own mother. While my hair is healthy, my mom dyes her hair & flat irons it at times. Her hair is not healthy. The gel works wonders in my hair alone but for my mom, she definitely needs a leave in conditioner prior to using the hair gel. We are striving our best to create a variety of unique products that will be beneficial for all hair types.


For Healthy Hair-Thin-Fine or Medium Texture

If you have healthy hair that is wavy or curly (type 2-3 hair), you can try to use the hair gel alone to achieve shiny, voluminous curls with a light hold. You can also use it with one of our hair creams. Please read the description of each cream prior to purchasing or take our hair quiz. 

Here is a video of our Founder, she has thin healthy hair. She only uses the gel in this video. 


For Thick, Coarse, Dry, Damaged or Type 4 Hair:

If you have thick, coarse, dry, damaged or type 4 hair, using a hair cream under the gel will work best. Our creams work best with the gel, but other brands work fine as well.

* Just note that sometimes our gel does not mix with every brand. The best way to tell is to try the cream in your hair first, & apply the gel after. If you get a smooth application, then you are clear. If the application is not smooth, then they don’t mix well. Do not worry, your hair will be fine, I just wouldn’t use that combo next time. Our hair creams work great with our gel. To figure out which cream is best for you take our hair quiz.

Here is a video using Clump & Define cream before the gel on WAVY hair.


Here is a video using Moisture Balance Leave-in before the gel.

3B curls using the "clump method"


Here is a video of Anna's thick & dry hair. She loves to use a styling cream under the light Creme Gel for softness & more hold. 

3C curls using the "section & apply method"