Let's Talk About Frizz

Frizz is a big issue in the hair care industry, and almost every consumer faces this dilemma. Curly hair is more vulnerable to this problem and needs the proper hair care regimen to combat it.

So, What is Frizz?

Let's analyze hair frizz and how curly hairs are more problematic to manage and style, and see how we can remedy the problem.

Frizz is an undesired physical change that makes our hair dull, rough, and challenging to style. These changes are easily seen, especially among curly hair. The curls are not well defined, and the outer layer becomes dull with no gloss and shine.

What Makes Our Hair Frizzy?

Several factors are responsible for frizzy hair:

  • High humidity and rapidly fluctuating temperature conditions
  • Too much humectant, e.g., glycerin and propylene glycol
  • The build-up of polymers, cationics, and silicone
  • Frequent use of high protein treatments
  • Thermal treatments, blow dry, flat ironing
  • Harsh chemical treatments resulting in protein loss and hair mechanical strength
  • Sulfates that leave hair brittle and dry
  • Drying alcohol products, hair setting lotions, and sprays

Frizz on Curly hair: A Special Case

Curly hairs have special structural features that differentiate them from other hair types. Scientists believe the curl shape arises due to a special ratio among cortical (cortical cells) and medulla regions inside the hair fiber. They show variations in their diameter along the hair shaft. At certain points, hair is thick, while at other areas, it is very fine and even has a twist giving it a sharp curve shape. These weak regions with smaller diameters are the unique feature of curly hair. Hair is weak at these regions and can even break when applying force or repeated exposure to thermal or chemical treatments. Therefore, curly hair is relatively more vulnerable in styling. Also, hair behaves differently at these points where products are applied; it may absorb more of the product applied and induce relatively more build-up of product residue.  

Indeed, we want to have our curls all aligned uniformly in an organized, well-defined pattern. However, this is not an easy everyday task. Curly hair exhibits more challenges, such as hair combing, styling, frizz, and even more breakage. They can become frizzy easily and quickly, and the fragile points induce frizz, dryness, and eventually breakage.

Choosing the Right Product

Curly hairs are unique and thus need special products. Choosing the right product is fundamentally essential to ensure great curls. Certain ingredients are a "No-No" for curl care. Products having high molecular weight synthetic polymers can easily cause hair to limp down, build up, and distort the curl pattern. Proteins can also easily induce build-up and frizz.

Furthermore, a product needs to be used correctly and at the right time. Curl cream is a special product designed for only curly hair care. Yet, it may not deliver the promised results.

Curl Cream May Induce Frizz!!!

Curl cream is a specific product for curly hair made to deliver definition to your curls. Yet, sometimes consumers complain that it does not work. Curl creams may induce instant frizz on hair. Why does this happen?

It could be due to multiple reasons:

  • Curl creams contain high amounts of humectants that deliver too many water molecules, causing the hair to swell and result in instant frizz
  • It may also be due to synthetic polymer added into the formulation that forms a rigid coating at the curl surface
  • Is it a protein-rich product? Protein deposits may also induce frizz.
  • Hair creams may also cause frizz due to the cationic or (conditioning) ingredient in the product. These ingredients are essential to a hair cream but can make some hair textures feel too soft, which can then cause frizz. Also, conditioning ingredients usually do not have hold; they feel moisturizing. Many people think their hair only needs cream, but if someone is looking for more hold, adding a gel on top is the way to go.  

So, How Do We Fix It?

  1. Always do a trial test for a new curl cream you want to use. Apply the product to a small section of your hair and closely observe your hair's reaction, which is always helpful.
  2. You probably did not need a curl cream, but rather a light leave-in conditioner may be a better option, or sealed with a light-textured gel may provide better curl definition

Seal it: An Alternate Strategy

Hairstyling gel or hair spray is a good choice for frizz-prone hair. A hair styling product with smaller to medium range molecular styling polymer can give us just the right curl shape we need. It coats the hair's outer surface, forming a very fine water-soluble film that can enhance the curl definition. Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel is an obvious choice for this challenging job. Its creamy, light texture and a blend of natural emollients, herbal extracts, and curl holding ingredients provide the perfect recipe for well-defined natural curls. It will offer a light and weightless experience to your curls with superior curl retention. Moreover, it will reduce frizz giving a more natural soft look to your curls.

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