Should I Use A Gel, Cream, Or Both?

Curl cream? Curl gel? Or both? That is the question.

Both hair care products are formulated to meet the specific needs of curly hair.

Many factors come into play when deciding which one to use for your curls, including the density, width, curl pattern, and porosity of your hair.

Choosing between a curl cream or a curl gel will depend not only on these factors, but also on your specific hair goals. 

What is the end result you are looking for? 

  • Frizz control
  • Defined curls 
  • Hydration 
  • Volume
  • Extend a style

Our curl cream, defining butta, and light crème gel have both been formulated to meet the specific needs of curly hair.

They both help provide moisture, definition, hold, and shine. They also help maintain hair healthy and reduce frizz.

So, how do you decide between a gel, a cream, or both? 

Let’s first talk about what each product does.

Curl Creams 


By definition, curl creams serve to provide moisture, give luster, definition, and shine. They also help to smooth the cuticle and keep your curls soft and manageable.


Our Clump and Define Cream is a versatile leave-in cream that can add light hold and softness to your hair. It helps to clump your curls for that juicy, defined look and feel. It can also be used as a styling cream to give curls that extra oomph.

Our curls are impacted by the weather, so in order to have them looking their best, we need to find ways to keep them hydrated and moisturized. That’s where our Clump and Define Cream can come in handy.

Curl creams, in general, don’t provide quite as much hold as gels, so if extending your style is what you want, opt to add a gel on top for more hold.

If you reside somewhere with high humidity, we recommend using a gel for extra hold. The cream can also help manage frizz if that's an issue for you.

2 in 1 Styling Cream

Our Defining Butta is a 2 in 1 moisturizing styling cream is specifically made for type 4A - 4C hair or thick hair. This is a moisturizing hair cream that provides a light to medium hold.

The Defining Butta can help create shiny, soft, and juicy hair, resulting in soft touchable hair. It can be used for wash and go’s or to create juicy twist outs, or protective hairstyles.

If you want your curls to appear more held together, consider adding a gel to you routine.


Gels have come a long way since the crunchy-curl days of the ’90s and 2000s and have moved from merely providing hold to also providing moisture.

Gels are generally used to hold and set the hair. They provide shape and hold to a style by forming a film on the hair that creates physical bonds between hair strands, holding in place, which helps create the clumping effect. 

Our light crème gel is 80% gel and 20% cream. It contains a holding ingredient to help define curls. It will leave your hair feeling weightless, lock your curl shape in for a long time, and reduce frizz. 

Please note: Our gel does not mix with ALL hair brands. Mixing it with Bounce Curl products will get you the best results.

The best thing to keep in mind is that creams are more closely related to conditioners than gels, but they still offer styling benefits in addition to the moisturizing properties.


    • Use our Curl Cream or Defining Butta as a leave-in when your curls are thirsty. Mix it with our gel for a combination of moisture and curl definition, especially in hot and humid conditions.
    • Use more Curl Cream or Defining Butta in the fall and winter when the air is cooler and drier. 
    • If you need a product that adds definition without the hold, use the Curl Cream or Defining Butta.
    • When styling, follow your natural curl pattern instead of fighting it. This will save you time, energy and a lot of frustration!

Consider What Your Curls Need

One of the best ways to create gorgeous curls is to figure out what your hair needs and provide it with the perfect amount of TLC.

Texture and Volume. Be sure you understand your hair's specific characteristics (porosity, density, curl pattern) so that you can identify the right products and styling techniques to give your curls added texture and volume.

Define & Extend a Style. For styles that are defined and curls that last longer, you will want to use a curl cream and gel.

Frizz. If you're experiencing frizz, then our gel or curl cream can help. Both are designed to help combat frizz and give you smooth, shiny curls.

Hydration. The natural oil produced by your scalp (sebum) is supposed to travel down hair shafts to keep each strand moisturized and protected.

Sadly, sebum has a difficult time reaching the ends of curls because of how curly hair grows. If hydration is what your locks need, give our Curl Cream or Defining Butta a try.

With the provided information and tips, you can now decide if you need to use cream, gel, or both. Whether your curly mane needs a bit of TLC, texture, definition or hydration, we've got you covered with our selection of curl products.

So go ahead and give your curls some love, and try out our products today!

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