How To Care Of Your Hair In The Summer

Just as our skin is exposed to the sun, humidity, and other weather conditions, so too is our hair.

Because hair is a protein fiber, it can be physically and chemically changed by the surrounding environment. This means that as we move into summer and people are frequently outdoors in activities like swimming or traveling, their hair may change.

Being exposed to different types of weather can have an impact on our hair's health, as various scientific studies have noted. These studies discuss how weather conditions can affect our hair's manageability, its gloss, and overall quality.

In this blog post, we will review the impact of summer weather conditions on our hair, specifically solar radiation, high temperatures, humidity, and exposure to salt water or chlorinated pools.

We will also seek out products that can help preserve hair against the harshness of summer and minimize its impact.

Interaction of Solar Radiations with Hair

Solar radiations are a source of electromagnetic radiations of various energy, frequency, and wavelengths. These radiations possess enough energy to initiate the degradation of hair protein and color fading.

Hair proteins undergo chemical reactions by absorbing light energy from solar radiations and as a result, various chemical bonds in the hair structure are broken.

This weakens the structure of hair fiber, hair becomes fragile, loses its mechanical strength, and surface properties are completely changed.

This degradation process is accelerated by repeated and prolonged exposure to solar radiation. The more you stay outside directly in the sun, the more damage it can cause to your hair.

Therefore we must protect our hair from the intense solar radiation especially during summer as light intensity is stronger in summer compared to the winter season.

Prevention is always better than trying to find a cure after the fact, so we need something that can coat our hair and act as a barrier against harmful solar radiation.

Just like we need sun protection for skin; our hair needs the same protection. Before stepping out, please ensure you have applied a leave-in containing organic natural solar protectors.

Our Bounce Curl Moisture Balance Leave-in Conditioner is an ideal blend to help with this. And guess what, it can protect from environmental stressors! Our leave-in conditioner is clinically tested to protect the hair against UV damage.

Its formulation comprises 5 natural oils Egyptian Neroli oil, Jojoba, Olive, Fenugreek, and Argan oil, along with Ethylhexyl Palmitate and Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E).

This leave-in may protect hair against photodamage, preserves its structural integrity as well as help to with hair lubricity. The product does not contain any man-made UV blockers or silicones.

UV Mediated Protein loss

Ultraviolet radiation is dangerous to hair strands. These radiations come from the sun and are part of its electromagnetic spectrum.

In locations with a high UV index, the UV radiation is more intense. When this radiation interacts with hair proteins, it creates reactive free-radical species.

In chemistry, free radicals are highly reactive, short-lived chemical species that react and oxidize hair proteins.

This oxidation reaction is highly detrimental which breaks the hair chemical bonds and converts proteins into smaller water-soluble molecules, which then come off during the rinse-off stages as a result hair losing its proteins.

Losing hair protein has a significant effect on the overall health of your locks. As a result, individuals often experience frizzy, porous strands that are difficult to comb and style.

To avoid harmful UV radiation, it is best to stay indoors during the midday hours.

UV-damaged hair is already fragile, so any further exposure to harsh chemicals or excessive physical abrasion can cause it to break.

Using too much sulfate-containing shampoo during summer may strip away hair proteins and its natural oil lubricant, leaving the hair's surface rough.

Try our Bounce Curl Gentle Clarifying Shampoowhich is a sulfate-free formulation comprising sugar-based surfactant "decyl glucoside” blended with natural oils and biotin.

We also recommend using our Bounce Curl Pure Silk Moisturizing Shampoo to help maintain the hair’s moisture level. This is also a sulfate-free product infused with some hair conditioning agents and moisturizers.

Bounce Curl Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner is an excellent product to help recover photodamage of the hair fiber. It can help with hair mechanical strength, making them less prone to breakage, while also increasing softness and shine.

Hair Color Fading


Intense heat and solar radiation can cause protein loss in hair, which can lead to fading of color. Natural black hair that has not been treated with chemicals will become brown or grey if it is repeatedly exposed to the sun.

Hair gets its color from melanin, but under summer conditions, the heat can break down melanin by breaking its various chemical bonds and converting melanin into smaller molecules that come out of hair fiber during the washing/rinse off cycle.

Even hair colored with temporary or permanent dye will fade faster in the summer due to the small size of man-made colorants and the nature of their molecule.

Your hair is susceptible to damage and fading in the summer, so you need to use products that can help protect your hair during this time of year.

Sulfates have the potential to fade hair color and cause damage, so it's best to avoid sulfate-based shampoos in excess.

Product Recommendations

Bounce Curl Pure Silk Moisturizing Shampoo is a gentle, mild, and moderately foaming formulation that can help preserve color and moisture in your hair.

Furthermore, we recommend using our favorite Bounce Curl Moisture Balance Leave-in Conditioner which is rich in natural emollients/lubricants. These water-repelling lubricant molecules inhibit water uptake, minimize frizz, and form a coating on the hair surface that prevent color from fading.

Chlorinated Pool Water & Ocean Water

Swimming pools are regularly treated with chlorine to control mold and bacterial growth. Chlorine treatment maintains the quality of pool water and keeps it suitable for swimming.

Chlorine molecules can get absorbed by the hair during swimming and can turn blonde hair into a greenish color.

This may initiate chemical reactions on the hair’s surface which accelerate under the sun. UV radiations along with chlorine may trigger free-radical chemistry leading to oxidation of hair proteins.

Similar chemistry is involved with ocean water, as it contains a significant level of inorganic metals, calcium, and magnesium.

These metal ions bind to amino acid sites on the hair’s surface and are known the alter the physical and chemical properties of hair.

How can we avoid this problem?

Product Recommendations

We recommend using Bounce Curl Moisture Balance Leave-in Conditioner before heading to swimming or the beach. This product can help create a barrier on your hair that repels water, which in turn protects against chlorine and metal build up.

It's important to wash your hair with clean water after swimming or dipping in the ocean, as this will remove any unwanted chemicals and metals from your hair. Our Bounce Curl Gentle Clarifying Shampoo is our first choice for this, as its gentle sulfate-free formulation.

You can also use our Bounce Curl Hydra-Drench Cleansing Conditioner which cleanses and conditions at the same time.

Its sulfate-free formulation is infused with a number of emollients to detangle and define your hair curls simultaneously.

We also recommend our Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel for traveling, as it helps your hair with definition and hold.


Summer heat causes you to sweat more than usual. Human sweat consists of water, lipids, minerals, and other molecules that cause odor.

No one likes to feel sweaty and gross, but did you know that sweat can also cause your hair to look and smell bad?

To help remove these materials from your hair, our anti-residue Bounce Curl Gentle Clarifying Shampoo is the ideal formulation for this job.

Follow up with the Bounce Curl Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner  or Super Smooth Cream Conditioner to help restore moisture and hydrate your hair, restoring its natural gloss and texture.

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