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Best products 🙌🏻

I highly recommend it

Amazing worth buying!!

I absolutely loved these products. First time trying these products and I am obsessed. They worked nor only for my curls but for my daughters curls. Definitely recommend. My curls have so much volume and so soft. Definitely will be buying more.


This product hydrated my wavy hair! I’m going to keep on buying this!

Defining Butta
Misty Blue

I’ve been looking for curling creams for years for my curly hair. But this defining butta is what I’ve been looking for my whole life it is moisturizing it defines my curls and you can even use it as a refresher and your curls pop even more!!!! This defining butta very moisturizing don’t hesitate just buy it!

Light Hold Creme Gel
Justine Adam
Amazing curls

I've never had such light and defined curls... that lasted that long ! It also nourished my hair and I feel that I don't have to wash it so often.
I love the volume it gave
Also the smell is great

Great soft hold

I have touchable curls with this gel and it smells so good.

Cleans so well

My hair feels so clean after using this and it smells amazing.

Great results

My hair is so hydrated with this conditioner and it smells amazing. Also not greasy or heavy at all!

Smells so good

I have tried tons of creams and always go back to this one, it’s so light and smells amazing.

Holy Grail

I do not know what kind of magic you put inside these jars, but please don’t ever stop. This cream gives me waves/curls like nothing else I’ve tried, leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft, shiny, and well conditioned without weighing it down. I get very bouncy, touchable curls which last for days. Most other products I’ve tried give me great curls at the start, but my curls fall by the end of the day. That is not the case here. Even though I am in my 50s, I have only begun my wavy/curly hair girl journey. You now have a customer for life. I have 2 B/C hair for reference. Thank you!

Best stylers for my fine wavy hair

I started embracing my natural waves three months ago, and have had a lot of trial and error with styling products. My hair is long, fine, medium density and high porosity. These are the ONLY styling products I have found that keep my second and third day waves from going flat without a crazy amount of build up. Definitely a game changer, highly recommend for those with the same or similar hair type!

Simply Put...It works

When it comes to my hair I'll put in weeks of research on a product before I try it. 11 weeks later I took the plunge and bought this set. I went with this one because after taking the Hair Quiz, this set had almost all the items I wanted.
The smell is my first favorite when it comes to these products. The shampoo leaves my hair feeling very clean, but not to the effect of the SUPER natural shampoos (like a shampoo bar), which does an excellent job cleaning while also leaching out every last drop of moisture out of your precious locs. The conditioner feels slightly velvety on the hands and for me after I rinse my hair feels very soft and smooth. Now my second favorite with this set is the Clump and Define Cream. This cream gave me ringlets! Sharpie-sized ringlets! I haven't had curls like that in years. It's a nice creamy texture and doesn't feel like it's weighing my hair down. The Light Cream Gel is just that, light. It doesn't give me crunchy curls instead, they're softly held in place.
Overall this whole set gets 5/5. I have zero complaints.

Hair Vitamins
Iulia Booth
If I could give 100 stars....

I have tried TONS AND TONS of very expensive supplements, collagens and pretty much everything in between to try and bring back some lost hair...and this product by far has delivered the best results.

Whatever magic is in it....please do not ever stop making it. I am customer for life.

Best Clarifier for my thick hair

I have a lot of hair, and it's hard for me to really clean my scalp and hair fully. This shampoo is so light weight and gentle it allows me to clean my scalp properly and not dry out my curls. It's so gentle, it's my go to cleanser!

So good!

These gummies taste amazing and my hair loss has gone down. I used to shed so much in the shower, and now it's half the amount.

Treatment Kit
Paula Noel
Detox and deep conditioner

LOVE!!! I have never even thought of using a “detox” on my super dry hair…….enter Bounce Curl for the WIN!!! Every time I order from BC I try to add something new and I have had nothing but success with these awesome products. PLEASE make a body cream “with” fragrance, your fragrances in your product are the BOMB!!! Can you tell I love these products? If you are on the fence, just purchase already, you won’t be sorry.


This kit is beyond amazing. I'm SO OBSESSED and my hair has never felt more clean or healthy when I use this. The Hair Detox Mask is by far my favorite, it smells a bit off, but leaves my scalp and hair feeling refreshed and TRULY clean. I would use it every single day if I could (or was suggested) I have VERY thick 2c/3a hair. Do yourself a favor and BUY BUY BUY.

Love this shampoo

My hair feels so soft and smells amazing! Doesn’t leave my hair dry at all!

My curls love it!

Okay so this cream smells soooo good! Not only that but my leaves my curls so hydrated!

Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner
Jailene Kristine
The best

This deep conditioner left my hair so moist and soft! Absolutely love it!


This gel and bounce curl overall has changed my hair for the better. My hair loves All the ingredients in this product! The first time I used bounce curl I was speechless at how curly my hair was.

Hair Vitamins

I've tried other hair vitamins and collagen supplements. However, I think I have finally found one that is effective. I have definitely notices a little growth in the length of my hair. I will continue to use.

Light Hold Creme Gel
Valerie Quirijns
Gives me amazing volume

This gel is amazing if you like lots of volume! It leaves my hair soft and fluffy with enough hold.

Gentle Clarifying Shampoo
Valerie Quirijns
Super gentle and refreshing

This shampoo leaves my scalp so clean and fresh. I love it!


I absolutely love this! Saw an instant improvement!