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So great!

After I stopped using Deva Curl, I looked for a leave in for AGES and couldn't find anything that wasn't too heavy. THIS IS IT! I have 3c hair and I use this after I wash and as a refresh with the Light Hold Gel. Even on it's own it really improves the look and feel of my hair. This lasts a long time and is worth every penny!


My favorite conditioner, hands down. When I first got this I was worried that I would go through it quickly and it wouldn't be worth the price but I was totally wrong. This is wonderful and a little goes a long way. I actually use this about half the time (I use the Super Smooth Cream Conditioner the rest of the time) and my 3b hair has never been in better shaped or looked so great!

One of my fave hair products ever! I use this every two weeks or so on my very fine 3C-4A hair and it helps get rid of dandruff, build up and "reset" my curls.

Soft Curly Curls

I love using Bounce Curls on my hair everyday
It softens my hair and makes it looks frizz free and soft and the curls are awesome 👏

Best Products Ever

My daughter told me about these products. My hair is very fine and thin. It is also very dry. These products do not weigh my hair down. My curls are very well defined and I have no more dry ends. Try it!

Define Styling Kit
Debra Vance
Best Products Ever

My daughter told me about these products. My hair is very fine and thin. It is also very dry. These products do not weigh my hair down. My curls are very well defined and I have no more dry ends. Try it!

The best I’ve ever used

I have very curly hair, and using this product seriously brought it back to life. So much volume and hydration!! :D

Best slip

This gel is so great. It has great hold, the greatest slip, and a pineapple smell. I have 3c curls and it works really well. I ran out so quick though. I'm gonna have to buy the 12 oz haha

Perfect size!

I'll be traveling (yay!) this month and the smaller sizes are SO helpful. I love having all of these options!!


This has exactly the amount of hold I need for defined curls that aren't too heavy and still manage to retain shape without frizz. I absolutely love this product!

great gel

love the smell and feel of this styling gel

All Around Smoothness

It's a great way to end a great, natural shampoo that is fit for natural curls. Great, clean, refreshing lather yet you only need a small amount (personal experience). Hair feels clean, soft, and light.


I love this conditioner. It makes my hair so smooth, easy to detangle and smells great!!

This product was very refreshing and it soothed the itchiness of my scalp. As a male, it smells great and enhances my curls completely. I have always struggled with products that are just right for my hair because they are either not geared for my hair with all the crazy ingredients or it's all for women.


This product was very refreshing and it relieved all off of my itchy scalp. It removed the build up that started to form that caused some scalp damaged. One use of this and it removed all of it. I was very pleased.

This DC though!

I've noticed a tremendous difference in my curls since using this deep conditioner (used three times so far)! I have type 4, very thick, coarse, high density, low porosity hair. My hair seems softer, and my curls seem more uniform and healthy. Let's just say I'm on day 7 of my twist out, and I still look like I have day 1 hair. I used their curl defining cream and butta for styling, and have used those products together before, so I am sure my results are from the deep condition. It is transforming my hair into healthy, soft curls.

A favorite!

This is my all time favorite shampoo. I use it once a week alternating with a more conditioning shampoo. But I feel like I could use this every wash day. I love how clean my hair gets and also the extra volume and bounce it adds to my curls.

Love it!

Love this hairspray! It's true, a little goes a long way. I overdid it the first time, so my hair was a little stiff. Second time I only used 2 sprays and it was perfect.


The first time I used this products I paired it with the wrong leave in condish and gel, I had horrible results. Safe to say I was scared to try it again. Then I realized the error of my silly ways and used it pared with one of my favorite gels omg I cant believe how much I was SLEEPING on this product. I love the smell, it left my hair so soft & hydrated definitely a huge fan. Don't be silly like me and wait 2 months to use this product. Definitely a staple product going forward. I have 3c/4a hair low porosity ☺️

Glamour Nails!!!

I rarely write reviews, but I’m so impressed with these vitamins that I feel compelled. First of all, I’ve used Bounce Curl for almost 2 years and I love all of the products I’ve tried so far but these vitamins are just MAGIC!!!! I’ve tried other hair/nail/skin vitamins before and they make my skin break out horribly. These make my skin glow, my hair grow, and my fingernails have gone from a chippy peely weak nightmare to long, strong, gorgeous GLAMOUR NAILS! I had noticed it initially, but then quit buying the vitamins for about a year and my nails reverted back to nightmare status. Sadly I didn’t put 2+2 together. Now I’m 4 weeks back on the vitamins and my nails are MAJORLY different! Growing like crazy and 5 times stronger, no peeling or breaking. My hair is likely doing the same thing, but it’s pretty long, so it’s harder to tell. Thanks, Bounce Curl! I LOVE your products! And I’m loving my GLAMOUR NAILS!

Great hairspray

Works well if you need a strong hold. I agree that a finer mist would be better than the way the sprayer works- I havr to hold it pretty far away from my head to get the best distribution. But it doesn't bother me.

Great products

I love all three of these products for my 2b/c curls. They smell so good and leave my hair feeling so soft. I use the clarifying shampoo 1x a week and, the mask once every 2 weeks and the deep condition maybe 2x a week. The clarifying shampoo seems more like a regular shampoo but I'm not an expert. I still love it.


The only thing I like about this conditioner is that I constantly want more of it! Helps with my tangles, smells amazing, and has the perfect amount of moisture. I have wavy hair and this conditioner is great for not weighing it down.

Easy Buy

Simple and effective - makes my drying time much faster, and helps give my curls a good cast. Just long enough to plop and tie with a scrunchie without weighing y head down!

Simply Amazing

Love the smell change made my hair super healthier.