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Perfect conditioner

This conditioner smells really nice without being overpowering. I love that they have incorporated Ayurvedic ingredients. It performs very well on my 4A hair. The shampoo made my hair feel so soft and moisturized that I didn’t even think I needed a conditioner but this conditioner took the softness, moisture, and condition of my hair up a notch. Amazing products! Will re-purchase in a heartbeat!


All the 5 star reviews are truly legitimate. This shampoo smells amazing, not overpowering, it provides great slip and is actually moisturizing as advertised. It’s a gem of a product! I don’t want and can’t imagine using anything else! I’ll be a lifetime customer for myself and my young daughter.

Absolutely love this product. Always able to detangle and style my daughters kinky hair and it brings life to her curls. Completely happy with day 2 and 3 curls as well.

Yaaass sis!

This mask is amazing, completely revived my sad hair. After using this mask, the limp curls I had were extremely bouncy and air dried (product-free) into beautiful clumps 😍

Cleanse & Hydrate Kit
Yesenia Duarte
The best comb🧡🧡🧡

It leaves my hair so clean and moisturizing😍🧡🥰 I love that I get two conditioners!!!💞


I have re-ordered this product time and time again. I have very very long curly 3c hair and this product has changed the game for me. I use a cheaper conditioner that i don’t mine using a lot of to do my de-tangling, then i’ll rincé it off and then run this leave in conditioner through my hair before styling it with my other BC products. I have re-ordered this at least 4 times and with multiple in my cart each time. I’m obsessed.

Yes. Just Yes.

I've used this product for a while now. I ran out a few months ago and have been trying to make my hair work without it. It hasn't been going well. I just reordered this product because I'm ready to have awesome hair again.

Bounce Curl Hair Spray
Charlene Jimenez
Get the Hairspray

I hesitated for months and months with buying this. But the curl hairspray I used to use gave me major frizz. I finally bit the bullet and bought this. It's a dream! A little goes a long way and the hold is fantastic! No frizz. I'm sold!


I love these products! My hair feels amazing, bouncy, soft curls, and smells so good!

The best shampoo I've ever tried!

I am so blown away by not only how great this shampoo cleans but how moisturizing it is at the same time! I bought this because of a recommendation made by #curlmaven to try instead of co-washing, which just seemed to weigh down my very fine, loose curls. Boy am I glad I did! If you are reading this and are on the fence about it, BUY IT!!! It's amazing! I will definitely be trying more of your products in the future.

Love it!

First product to enhance my curls without weighing them down!

So soft

This conditioner makes my hair feel so soft. My hair tangles a lot and this product really helps.

This is great

I really like this product. You only have to use a small amount as it goes a long way. It smells wonderful.


A little goes a loooooong way! I was very hesitant about buying this but I use it every day now. IT IS A ROLL ON!!!!! I absolutely loved how it never made my hair too oily but still locked in moisture and provided a beautiful shine. So, for my hair I roll a good thin layer on my palms and scrunch it into my hair when it’s almost dry and a little more when it’s dry. Some advice: when applying don’t go to heavy when your hair is dry it gives you a oily look that isn’t too appealing so use it in your hair when it is kinda damp! For an overall body perfume I roll some on one wrist mix it with the other and rub my wrist all over my body. This is so much better than any perfume I’ve ever bought it’s so strong but in a good way (like a perfume you don’t have to spray on again after every 10 mins). It has a very unique smell that is hard to explain. So here is a list of what I smell: citrus orange, then a warm vanilla, a musk smell, a hint of marshmallow. It’s an amazing warm tropical vanilla smell with an earthy touch to it!

Define Styling Kit
Malinda Dupree

I have 3b 3c hair and it absolutely loved these products!!!!! The clump and define cream smelled so amazing but not overpowering it was very lightly scented with a hint of warm vanilla. The cream went on very smooth and felt so moisturizing and gave my hair some slip! It pairs so so so well with the leave in conditioner from this brand as well! The light hold crème gel was MAGNIFICENT! Starting with the smell it’s like a clean coconut smell that is refreshing and once again not overpowering. I highly suggest to scrunch the gel into your hair because it does not mix well with other products it clumps up. Scrunching the gel in as the last step was the best touch and it smelled good and my curls held so beautifully. My curls were so soft and my hair smelled amazing!

Best Deep Conditioner I've Ever Tried!!!!

I absolutely adore this deep conditioner. Not only does it smell heavenly but it makes my hair buttery soft. I've tried quite a few deep conditioners, some natural, some conventional, and this one works the best by far. The slip is fantastic and it almost melts away the tangles in my waves/curls. (I have low porosity, medium coarse, high density, somewhat delicate 2b-3b waves n curls). The conditioner doesn't weigh my hair down and it keeps it hydrated and smelling incredible.

Perfect Curls

This cream combined with the light cream gel made me fall in love with my curls. I love that it adds moisture with weighing my hair down either. Great for adding moisture after refreshing your curls too.

Results guaranteed!

The curl pattern that I’m able to achieve using this cream gel is incredible! The smell is amazing. I love how the product is not sticky either.


I’m in love with Bounce Curl! After using the deep conditioner I noticed that my hair shedding significantly decreased. I mean significantly!! I am amazed. I just ordered every thing that she sells! Lol

Green Magic!

After just one use I could tell a difference. My hair and scalp felt so fresh and clean, but not dry. It’s like this has been my missing ingredient in my hair care routine.

Define Styling Kit
Kerri Bogue
Love it!

Only used one time so far and amazed by how light the product felt in my hair! Held really well for a light gel!


This is my second bottle. It's one of the few hair products that I know I can't live without (this and Bounce Curl's avocado curl cream). Like all other Bounce Curl stuff I've tried, smells GREAT. Highly recommend.

So nice!

I was worried about using a clarifying shampoo because I was afraid it would dry out my hair, but I was wrong. This was very gently, smelled so nice, and did what it was supposed to do. Left my hair very clean...will definitely buy again.


This product is so amazing. It’s light, smells so good, gave my hair life! Saving up to buy more! very good product!

No more flakes

Even though I shampoo every week or long we, there would still be small flakes at my roots right after a wash. I have coarse, thick hair that is on the dry side. This cleanser was pleasantly tingly and refreshing - absolutely no flakes after the first use. A week later I did a regular wash, no cleanser, and have not seen a return of the flakes.