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Made my hair curl in cylinders!

Awesome curls

First off, let me say that I am only a teeny, tiny, itty little bit mad that you came out with the volume brush right after I purchased the original brush!
I am fairly new to curly hair, as I had pin straight hair growing up. Little girl me is thrilled with the curls this brush has helped me to achieve.
There is a bit of a learning curve, but that is to be expected.
My hair is thin & fine and it seems like there is a bit more hair in the brush after styling, at least when compared to the Denman brush. However, the results are worth it! I admit to playing with the ringlets until they frizzed up. I just couldn't stop making them go boing!

Volume EdgeLift Brush
Erika Mendoza

Absolutely love this brush... Game Changer to my hair routine!!!

Volume root clips

Design is truly amazing and does not get tangled when removing them from either damp or dry hair. Clamp is also very easy for arthritic issues and a true plus. Looking forward to other new products as they become available! Although I can admit, I thought they were very pricey despite the real pretty packaging and paying for shipping but I’m glad I gave in with no regrets. This was my third purchase from Bounce Curl - thank you 😊

Best gel for humidity

This is my go to gel most days but especially when it is humid outside! It’s the only thing that stops me from looking like n alpaca! It’s a must have!!

Worked better than Denman brush

great brush and worked great at defining my curls.

I love my brush I would like two more
for my granddaughters. Please advic

Game changer

It is the first time since I started my wavy hair journey, that I can achieve volume and defined waves without a of work, I got two brushes just to make sure I have a backup, I only wish it was available on a different color, like the tan color, I don’t like this color, but the brush performance it’s unmatched

best brush ever, somewhat like a wet brush and so great for smoothing out hair


Great brush for curls I love it and never used something like this and it makes my curls better

Volume EdgeLift Brush
Kelli Michele
I love it even more than the original !!!

I don’t know how this is possible but I love it even more than the original. More volume ( still get amazing curl clumps) and less frizz than the Original brush. My mind is blown.

Get the brush, y'all!

I have both brushes (Define EdgeLift & Volume EdgeLift). I prefer the Volume brush. It gives the volume I crave while still keeping my curls defined. It also cuts down on my dry time vs the Define brush because my curl clumps are smaller with the Volume brush. If you are team volume, like me, then I wholeheartedly recommend the Volume brush. You won't regret either one though!

So worth it!

It’s so satisfying to use this brush! The results are stunning. If you’re in the fence, just buy the brush!

Excellent website for tracking orders

I haven’t received my item yet but tried to figure out how to track the shipment from the website without remembering the password. It was so EASY. This was my n the top 1% of anytime I’ve tried to do this. Very pleased- thank you Bounce Curls for creating a simple and effective website.

Worth the investment. Has taken my curls to the next level!!

smells really good & it made my curls look so cute

Spectacular brush that REALLY turns out-of-control curls into GORGEOUS coils!! My biracial 4-yr old has three very different textures in her hair and this brush brings all her curls together beautifully and SO easily!! Apply any hair moisturizer you prefer and go to it! You can do small coils or tons at once, it’s a breeze!


i have been struggle with finger coiling my whole hair this brush was actually life changing it’s deducted sm time i spend on my hair

Volume EdgeLift Brush
Bernadette Glorio
My new favorite brush!

I love the original brush but this is my favorite. My hair has great curls and way more volume!!

I love this brush! The volume edge separates my thinning curly hair and gives me nice definition and volume. Excellent product, easy to use, great results.

Great Clumps

I bought the bounce curl brush after my curly stylist used it on me. It makes great clumps for me, which is something I struggle with. I love this brush!


I had resigned myself to having messy curls, but this brush is a total game-changer! I am still getting the hang of sectioning and brush styling, but the results I get are already amazing! I could never got back to styling my curls without this brush.

Does the job, but I shouldn't have cut my hair.

I love the brush! It doesn't hurt, it does tug a little at the end if not detangled properly but the brush does detangle well for my hair!

The curls are looking quite nice, but since I snipped too far getting my dead ends. The shrinkage does look a lil strange at times. So I recommend just wetting it down instead of after a full wash day. But everyone has their own routine, nonetheless I love it either way!

Plus I really enjoy the bristles, there being multiple types of bristle is just an interesting addition and it looks good, so it must be working!

Here are some pictures after using the volumizing brush, detangled/teezer-brush during shower, anddd directly out of a bonnet.


I try to buy less than what I need so I withheld on this brush for a while, but I'm so glad I finally caved. This brush is amazing. Its completely simplified and enhanced my 3b wavy/curly hair routine. I now get excited about wash day so that I can use this again.