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Works beautifully. However used it only 4 times and already showing signs of wear. Crooked bristles, lost ends. My hair is short and I untangle it with a rake comb before using the brush. Disappointing in overall quality.

Smells divine! Works so well as a hydrating cream conditioner & it’s my go to ever since hubs said it smells soooo good! I love natural & if those brushes work as phenomenal as they do, I KNOW the hair gels, oils, shampoos, etc will be amazing too!

Amazing for styling

Just revived my tan brush in the mail and couldn’t wait to try it. It’s perfect for styling my curls! I didn’t quite get the hang of it for detangling yet, but this was just my first go and can’t wait to keep using it!

Game Changer

Not many products make such a difference but this one sure does! The change it has made in my curls is insane! No more frizz! Amazingly defined curls! Don’t hesitate to buy it! It works!


This brush makes my routine so much quicker and works better for me than a Denman. I love the design, the tension is perfect for my thick, shoulder length 3B hair.

I no longer consider hairspray a necessary evil!

I have always dreaded spraying my head with hairspray. For most of my life, I didn't use it or allow my hairdresser to use it on me. Bounce Curl Hair Spray isn't sticky or drying, and the day after I've used it, I don't feel the need to wash my hair immediately. This holds softly but manages to keep my curls from flying in my face.

Great product


I looove this satin bonnet! I even have my son use it cause I can tighten it and it will stay on all night. It helps his hair stay styled and curly!! Thank youuuuu

Game changer!!!

This brush has definitely improved my curls and how long they last after wash day. The definition lasts for daaaaayyyyssss! If you’re in the fence, just buy it! Totally worth it!

Great brush for thick coarse hair.

Brought my damaged curls to life!!

So gentle!

I'm very prone to knots and tangles and this brush works through them so gently. I love that it's vegan boar bristle which is so difficult to find. This brush smoothes, detangles, and styles all in one

Gentle on hair and helps with curl definition.

I love this brush!!! Will never use anything else!!! ❤️

I’m not convinced that this will help my curl clumps(3A), but it might help my daughter (2B). This is currently the only brush my daughter will let me brush her hair with. She’s 8.5 and tender headed. I like it too. I bought it for me actually. At this point, I would buy it again. :)

Makes my curls so defined and juicy!

So helpful! This helps to cut my air drying time down by a lot

The oil is beautiful first of all, and second is one of the only oils that penetrates my hair, and helps to keep my hair soft.


The best product for curly hair 🤌🏼

Great brush!

I bought this product knowing it may not work at enhancing curl pattern for wavy hair like mine. It works much better for a strong curl pattern and thicker hair. My hair is thin with a wavy pattern. That being said, it greatly reduces wavy frizz in addition to sectioning and placing product on my hair. After I run the brush through the sections I scrunch the sections to curl. The tension put on my thin hair makes my waves looser but it seperates the sections nicely. I would love to see a version of this brush made for thin wavy hair. This product is made for a tighter curl pattern but I'm glad I tried it anyway.

Game Changer

This brush helps create defined, smooth curls, and has dramatically decreased frizz. Much better for me than my Denman brush. Love it, and worth it!

Worth It

I've got somewhere between 3A-3B curls, and it's worth every penny. I changed nothing else about my routine (what, how, and when I apply product), and just swapped this for my typical tangle teezer or pattern shower brush, and this EASILY doubled the time between wash days. I wash about once a week, but it would be frizzy with no definition or bounce after 4 days. The whole design makes a difference. The double layered bristles, the grooved edges of the brush. The clumps are ::chef's kiss::. Just get it.

Routine: Wash then detangle with deep conditioning mask. Follow up with primer spray & leave in conditioning spray. Brush & section hair. Rake in curl cream, then add and brush through gel - one section at a time. Add fine mist water in evenings and morning to hydrate, and finish with oil to seal it in. Satin sleep bonnet every night. Good luck!


I have been using a Denman brush for years and this bounce curl brush is by far 100 times better. I love it! I’m ordering another one for a friend. My curls have never been better! I have 3C curly hair and this is so amazing for my curls.