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Love this conditioner, the smell, and the hydration! This was my second time purchasing because I ran out, and I love it so much! I never do a wash day without it, sometimes I only use this and no curl cream when I want to do a quick style!


Package arrived safely!

Light Oil
Rosie Arriaga
Absolutely Holy Grail Oil

I was extremely dry due to the frequent weather changes and NOTHING was working to hydrate my skin. No lotion, Vaseline, Oil etc until I tried this oil on my skin this is the only oil that hydrated my skin and kept it from being dry. I am now tempted to buy/try the body cream.

Fine hair volume miracle

I love Bounce Curl products and this curl cream I can't do without. All other curl creams weigh down my fine hair, but this does the opposite: volume and bounce, with large clump curls. I highly recommend it.

Nice lather

The bottle makes it easy to wash your hair in the shower. It leaves your hair clean and moisturized. My curls are definitely defined after using this .

Defining Butta
Jessica H.
Works well

I bought this product because of the results I saw with our women we have my same hair type. This cream definitely defines my curl pattern.

Yummy scent

Title says it all. This perfume is perfect. The scent is natural and light. I love to mix it with the BC hair/body oil. I apply to hair, scalp, and body. Love that it’s in a convenient roll on…perfect for travel.

Wavy Trial & Travel Kit
Shanley Newman
im 2c 3b and this was perfection

I always hesitate to use anything wavy beause I was affraid it would affect my curls and make them straighter. Nope. 2c 3b hair needs such a perfect balance. The wavy kit does it.

Gentle Clarifying Shampoo
Michaela Madrigal
First time

This is my first time using a clarifying shampoo after mannnnny years! The first time I used it, my curls just bounced right up. I haven’t seen my curls this good in years! I guess I had some built up product in there. Now I use this every wash day!!!

Just as good as the deep

I love the deep conditioner and I use this one when I am not using the deep conditioner. It leaves my hair JUST as soft! These products are seriously amazing!!!

Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner
Michaela Madrigal
So soft

The best deep conditioner that I have tried so far!!! It is so easy to brush through my hair when before it was a tangled mess. It is definitely making my curls look healthier!!

Great results!

Great product. And smells so wonderful too!!!

So moisturizing!

Love, love, love!

Light Oil
Tanya T

The light oil is ABSOLUTELY LOVELY!! Bounce Curl products do not disappoint!!!


This is literally the BEST hairspray for curl hair. I love how they changed the bottle, the sprayer seems to work better! I have fine, wavy/curly low porosity hair, and so to get longevity out of my wash days, hair sprays are a must. So many leave your hair sticky and dry, not this one! Bonus, it doesn't sacrifice any of the hold! I have also taken some not so great wash days, after it's dried, I have taken a foam and this hairspray and my hair literally bounces back to life! This is the only hairspray I have bought for a couple of years and it will be the only one I get going forward!


It's a nice lightweight oil. I enjoy using it on my face and skin as well. light natural scent, a lot of other oils I have tried seem to carry a strong smell, not this one! The bottle with the petals is so pretty and I don't mind leaving it out as decoration as well! :)

Best curl cream ever

This curl cream is amazing! It doesn't weigh hair down but it controls frizz and really defines curls. Best I've found in 30 years!

I am standing behind this products 100%

I bought many different brands and many different products for my daughter's hair. I have straight hair but she has 3c hair and these products have been an absolute game changer. Her hair looks amazing for days!

Treatment Kit
Shella Adams

Absolutely love it if you have product build up this works so well. I was thrown for a loop to see the detox being black but that doesn’t matter because it works wonders.

Best deep conditioner

Honestly every single product I use from this company I have loved. When you have curly hair you waste a lot of time and money trying things. With this product you know for sure it will work and your money will not be wasted. The smell is perfect not to strong and the product is nice and thick!

Treatment Kit

This truly has helped my scalp and hair tremendously! I was having hair loss and scalp psoriasis and the scalp treatment is so soothing and calms down inflammation. The conditioner definitely made my hair a lot more soft and manageable.

Just amazing!

I absolutely love the control without weighing my hair down. Not to mention, not having to use extra product for the hold and preventing frizz. A little goes a long way.

Hair & Body Perfume
maithili chamanoor

i loved this cute little packaging. It's handy and the smell is so mesmerizing.
would love the essence of the perfume.
My body and hair smell so so so amazing. It doesnt make my hair greesy/oily. I think its perfect for every hair type. It is worth buying. Do not miss this. i fell in love with my hair all over.

Super Smooth Cream Conditioner
I love this conditioner

This is the best conditioner I've ever found for my hair

Light Hold Creme Gel
Best curl cream I've ever used

I've tried other major brands and this is truly the first product that makes me love my natural hair